Next Generation Supply Chain Innovation

Next Generation Supply Chain Innovation

  • How will Supply Chain evolve, and how will this impact the way we do Retail?
  • Harnessing digital technology
  • What actions can be done to stay ahead of the game?
  • Leveraging the Cloud
  • Sharing the lessons learned so far and discussing next steps

David Warrick
General Manager, Global Supply Chain

As GM of Global Supply Chain for Microsoft, Dave manages the order to cash cycle, Channel Operations Planning and Distribution & Logistics for all Microsoft physical products worldwide including Xbox, Surface, Accessories and Surface Hub. He also manages all aspects of Channel Management, Software Manufacturing, and numerous other functions as the customer facing part of the Manufacturing and Supply Chain organization. Dave and his team are responsible for all products in all channels including Retail, Commercial, Operator, and Direct to Consumer through Microsoft Online and Brick and Mortar stores.

Dave joined Microsoft in 1999 working through various roles in Supply Chain and product release. Prior to Microsoft, Dave held roles with Andersen Consulting and Coca-Cola and worked as a Project Engineer on the new Hong Kong Airport. Dave holds a B.Eng (Hons) in Manufacturing Engineering and is a C.Eng (Chartered Engineer) with the IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology – Manufacturing Division).

In his spare time, Dave enjoys spending time with his family, and never-ending physical therapy.


Strategic Onboarding: The Most Important Step in Outsourced Fulfillment Operations

Strategic Onboarding: The Most Important Step in Outsourced Fulfillment Operations

  • Fulfillment providers have to be able to scale up, or down, dramatically in very short periods of time
  • Decrease onboarding time with thorough Customer Requirements Documents and Statement of Work analysis
  • Involving Operations Teams early in the OB process is crucial
  • Flexibility and adaptability in a fulfillment company are second only to experience
  • Make KPI’s part of your culture
  • Personalized Customer Service is paramount to efficient communications in fulfillment
  • Advanced Technology & Software solutions have become the backbone of efficient fulfillment
  • Getting it right at the onboarding stage saves a lot of wasted time and money down the road

Jason Aymerich

Jason Aymerich is currently the President of the e-commerce fulfilment company Complemar ( and its ecommerce offering Jason has extensive experience and knowledge in fulfillment operations and the fulfillment industry. He currently oversees 5 Complemar facilities and operations across the U.S. Jason was honored as a 40 under 40 recipient in 2015 and is a member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). Jason has an MBA from the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester.

Panel: Keeping Up with Customers and Knowing How to Win Them Throughout the Delivery Experience

Panel: Keeping Up with Customers and Knowing How to Win Them Throughout the Delivery Experience

  • How are your current warehouse and delivery strategies securing customer relationships and maximizing digital success across all channels?
  • Focusing on customers to understand their requirements and succeed their expectations
  • Refining your last mile strategy with rapidly changing customer needs and behaviors
  • Adjusting and aligning customer-driven strategies to target customers in global and local markets
  • Discussing the digitization of speed, price and convenience as contributors of customer loyalty

Roberto Villalobos
Director, Digital Operations &

Roberto is an industrial engineer with 16 years of experience, focused on commercial, operations, logistics and consulting positions with outstanding results on implementing new projects in technology companies, e-commerce, automotive industry and consulting services. In various companies, as well as consulting companies like Accenture, his job has been focused on implementing new projects that have an impact on direct sales and their supply chain. In the last few years, he has been passionate about eCommerce. Roberto has been at Walmart for 2 years. He serves as the Walmart eCommerce Groceries Director and specializes in Online Groceries, sales and operations. Prior to Walmart, he worked at Amazon Mexico.

Maia Benson
Global Head of Shipping & Fulfillment

Maia Benson is the Global Commercial Head of Shipping & Fulfillment at Shopify. In her role, she leads the commercial team focused on simplifying shipping and fulfillment for Shopify’s growing base of 600K+ entrepreneurs – via embedded product partnerships, product marketing/growth, strategy and operations. She has spent over 10 years building and commercializing award-winning products and experiences for the SMB/SME market

Maia has led businesses from inception across the chasm to revenue and profit growth in the SaaS and ecommerce spaces. She has successfully built net-new digital businesses for both Enterprises and VC-backed companies.

She is the founder of the Digital Marketing course at Cornell University’s Business School and is an active supporter and consultant to NYC tech entrepreneurs.

Neil Ackerman
Sr. Director, Global Supply Chain Enterprise Plan & Advanced Innovation
Johnson & Johnson

Neil is responsible for accelerating supply chain innovation and enablement of advanced planning processes and technologies worldwide. His team is critical in bringing value-based prototyping to life within Johnson and Johnson and beyond. Prior to this role, Neil held various positions at Most recently, he was the Global Director of Integrated Supply Chain, eCommerce strategy and technology innovation at Mondelez International, one of the world’s largest snack companies. In this role, Neil was recognized in various global publications for inventing and launching a Direct to Consumer Supply Chain Model. He is an expert on eCommerce and supply chain innovations, giving keynotes globally for his work on the eCommerce Flywheel and its impact on supply chain for a long-term competitive advantage.

Joe Boehm
SVP, Operations

Joe serves as SVP of Operations at StockX. A highly accomplished senior operations executive with a consistent track record of process optimization, operational efficiency and cost reduction, Boehm has worked across multiple disciplines including supply chain, manufacturing, quality, distribution and customer service. At StockX, he oversees the company’s operations team ensuring that the authentication process is employed across all four verticals including, sneakers, streetwear, handbags and watches. Throughout his career, Boehm has consistently taken an innovative approach to programs, processes and procedures often implementing lean strategies, continuous improvement, ISO standards, safety initiatives and Six Sigma to improve quality and productivity. He holds a bachelor of business administration in transportation and logistics from Iowa State University and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.



Balancing Cost and Speed in the Two-Day Delivery Challenge

Do you really know your customer? Results of a recent survey conducted by Radial reveal that ecommerce consumers are most concerned with convenience and they are willing to make trade-offs based on cost, speed, reliability and eco-friendliness. This session will explore why and when you should offer two-day delivery based on understanding your customer wants and needs. We will explore the trade-offs and decisions in balancing consumer expectations of order quality customer experience, consumer cost, quick shipping, fast delivery versus the cost to the retailer for fulfillment, transportation, inventory carrying, inventory mark downs, etc.

The session will explore real world examples of successfully utilizing a multi-node solution and examples of when it does not pay to use a multi-node approach. Session takeaways include:

  • Understanding the tradeoffs between speed and cost
  • How does customer segmentation impact the logistics model?
  • When to use a multimode solution

Sean McCartney
EVP Operations Services

Sean oversees Radial’s integrated commerce operations, which includes managing the company’s fulfillment centers, transportation services and customer care centers. As the Global Practices Leader for fulfillment, transportation and customer care, he is responsible for designing the network strategy, optimizing via operational excellence, expanding and differentiating Radial’s transportation offerings, and growing the company’s customer care solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in global supply chain logistics, distribution, and operations. Prior to joining the company, Sean was the senior vice president of supply chain operations for Chico’s FAS, Inc., servicing over 1,500 stores. Prior to that he served as senior vice president of supply chain logistics and distribution for Li & Fung USA, where he integrated and optimized the supply chains for 28 company acquisitions.

Delivering on “Customer-Centricity” Throughout Our End-to-End Digital Environment

Delivering on “Customer-Centricity” Throughout Our End-to-End Digital Environment

  • What lessons can we learn from big data collection & analytics?
  • Finding new ways to break down silos and deliver value to customers
  • Gathering and analyzing actionable insights to know your customers from every angle
  • Leveraging a data-driven approach to our operating model to drive innovation
  • The journey designing an end-to-end omnichannel experience for your customers

Anisa Kumar
VP of eCommerce
Levi Strauss Americas

Anisa Kumar is a global operations analytics and strategy expert with over 15 years of retail industry experience. At Levi Strauss & Co., Anisa is the Vice President and General Manager of the LS&Co eCommerce and Omnichannel businesses in the Americas, and in this capacity she has end to end P&L responsibility with a focus on leading site merchandising, marketing, operations, analytics, omnichannel, strategy and innovation. Previously, Anisa held leadership roles at Walmart, Mervyn’s, and Target. She is a recognized leader on global omnichannel initiatives, including new market entry.

Strengthening Customer Satisfaction with Technology-Driven Reverse Logistics

Strengthening Customer Satisfaction with Technology-Driven Reverse Logistics

  • How can you leverage real-time analytics to enable supply chain improvement?
  • Identifying proactive opportunities to adopt intelligent transaction processing for a customer-centric returns experience
  • Discussing social media digital offers and its efforts in delivering convenience and shopper loyalty
  • Exploring data-driven insights that respond to shifting consumer demand
  • Exceeding customer expectations and meeting objectives in your overall returns management strategy

Rob Zomok
President, Global Operations

Rob joined Inmar in this role in January 2016, bringing tremendous global supply chain leadership experience to the company.
During his 20-year career, he has gained a reputation for making significant domestic and international supply chain operational
improvements for companies such as Hershey, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and Meguiar’s. He also served as Lead Faculty
Area Chair for the University of Phoenix School of Business, where he taught graduate-level and undergraduate-level courses
in management theory, strategic planning, economics and organizational behavior. Rob was also Senior Director of Client
Solutions and Analytics, and Director of Operations for the Northeast Region for Inmar. He holds a Bachelor of Science in
Industrial Engineering with Distinction and an MBA from Penn State University.

Retail Happens Everywhere: Driving Sales in a Mobile World

Retail Happens Everywhere: Driving Sales in a Mobile World

  • Exploring today’s mobile-first society and its fundamental shift in consumer behavior
  • Offering optimal choices for where customers discover and purchase products and services
  • How has mobile changed the consumer journey and omni-channel shopping experiences?
  • Sharing the ways existing and emerging technologies and marketing strategies will enable retailers to win the mobile-first customer

Omar Zayat
Head of Industry, Enterprise eCommerce

Omar Zayat is a Head of Industry for Facebook‘s eCommerce vertical, a vertical he has focused on for nearly 5 years. He leads a team that manages some of the largest, most strategic eCommerce marketing partnerships at Facebook. Omar has been with Facebook for over 6 ½ years, and during this time he has overseen account teams and worked directly with the largest advertisers across eCommerce, Gaming, Entertainment, and Digital Disruptors.

Omar’s previous experience includes 2 years in strategy and sales at Yahoo and over 4 years in a finance sector. Omar has an MBA from UC Berkeley and a BA in economics from Ohio University.