Executive Platforms builds world-class forums to facilitate the sharing of ideas among the senior leadership of businesses and organizations with common objectives, interests, and challenges. Through the North American Manufacturing Excellence Summit series, the North American Supply Chain Executive Summit series, the Biomanufacturing World Summit series, the North American Food Safety & Quality series, the North American E-Tail Operations Summit series,  the North American HR Executive Summit series, the Executive Dinner series, and other ongoing projects and events, the Executive Platforms team engages with an incredible range of experts from a number of different disciplines. The EP Thought Leader Series will serve as an ongoing gathering place for our advisers, speakers, delegates, and corporate partners to share their ideas and insights beyond the confines of our onsite events.

This will be a regularly updated forum for interviews, articles, videos, and other original and curated content designed to engage with our audiences and elevate the conversation year-round. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

If you are interested in contributing in some way to the EP Thought Leader series, please contact Geoff Micks for more information.