Do you really know your customer? Results of a recent survey conducted by Radial reveal that ecommerce consumers are most concerned with convenience and they are willing to make trade-offs based on cost, speed, reliability and eco-friendliness. This session will explore why and when you should offer two-day delivery based on understanding your customer wants and needs. We will explore the trade-offs and decisions in balancing consumer expectations of order quality customer experience, consumer cost, quick shipping, fast delivery versus the cost to the retailer for fulfillment, transportation, inventory carrying, inventory mark downs, etc.

The session will explore real world examples of successfully utilizing a multi-node solution and examples of when it does not pay to use a multi-node approach. Session takeaways include:

  • Understanding the tradeoffs between speed and cost
  • How does customer segmentation impact the logistics model?
  • When to use a multimode solution

Sean McCartney
EVP Operations Services

Sean oversees Radial’s integrated commerce operations, which includes managing the company’s fulfillment centers, transportation services and customer care centers. As the Global Practices Leader for fulfillment, transportation and customer care, he is responsible for designing the network strategy, optimizing via operational excellence, expanding and differentiating Radial’s transportation offerings, and growing the company’s customer care solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in global supply chain logistics, distribution, and operations. Prior to joining the company, Sean was the senior vice president of supply chain operations for Chico’s FAS, Inc., servicing over 1,500 stores. Prior to that he served as senior vice president of supply chain logistics and distribution for Li & Fung USA, where he integrated and optimized the supply chains for 28 company acquisitions.