Converting Disruptive Ideas and Innovation into Scalable Capabilities to Transform Supply Chain Performance

  • Transforming your supply chain performance through a structured approach similar to the “product R&D stage gate process” applied for disruptive improvement ideas and supply chain innovation
  • Screening and evaluating novel ideas and technologies while bringing solutions to a “proof of concept” in an effective and efficient manner (fit for purpose)
  • Agile testing (sprints) of demonstrated solutions proving feasibility, applicability, and value in real business environments
  • Deploying these novel solutions successfully and turning them into sustainable capabilities requires the use of a robust “Standard Operating System”
  • Shifting from the functional expertise focused Centers of Excellence (COE) approach towards a much stronger focus on E2E Business Capabilities & Solutions Teams (CST)
  • Building the “Corporate Athlete” who is well-trained in energy management principles and masters resilient leadership is the critical catalyst to accelerating the “Sourcing– Testing – Scaling” disruption process to drive supply chain excellence and generate transformational value for the business and customers

Bart Talloen
VP Product Supply
Johnson & Johnson

As an executive supply chain leader for more than 25 years, Bart has a proven track record of success across several key SC functions such as Planning, Engineering, Technology Transfers, Project Management, Continuous Improvement, Mfg Operations, and General SC Management in Asia, Europe, and North America.

During his career in pharma, OTC, consumer goods, and logistics/ material handling, Bart has managed large supply networks, has acquired and divested operations, build new plants but also has overseen the closure of plants, and has developed and executed a three-year Consent Decree Work Plan including the successful re-certification of three US OTC manufacturing plants by FDA.

In his current role as Vice President, Product Supply Strategy & Deployment, Bart is responsible for developing and deploying advanced processes & capabilities, agile OT systems and disruptive technologies to improve the end-to-end Supply Chain performance.

Bart is also responsible for the J&J Supply Chain Academy to provide enterprise-wide subject matter learning & development programs and build future leadership capabilities for the end-to-end Supply Chain organization.

He and his wife live in Skillman, NJ and have two sons in college.