Process Based Leadership – Tactical Processes for Sustainable Strategy Execution

Countless organizations conduct annual strategic planning exercises, and 70% of those plans fail. Organizational saturation and the inability to sustain aspirational plans are the two leading failure factors. Now is the time to stop talking about the next plan, tool, meeting, or strategy and examine first and foremost the purpose, function, and output of your tactical “Way of Work.” Learn how to:

  • Drive business acumen that allows colleagues to answer the question, “Are we winning or losing?”
  • Drive a communication cadence that puts leaders on offense, not defense
  • Drive an execution system that makes accountability visible, personal, and measurable
  • Move engagement from an abstract conversation to a measurable process of ownership
  • Integrate strategy into an onboarding system that promotes, “Welcome to our team, this is how we do business”

Shane Yount
Competitive Solutions, Inc.

Shane A. Yount is a nationally recognized author, speaker and principal of Competitive Solutions, Inc., an international Business Transformation consulting firm which pioneered the acclaimed organizational development system known as Process Based Leadership® – A business transformation methodology designed to create a sustainable culture of clarity, connectivity, and consistency through the use of Non-Negotiable Business Processes. Having performed such roles as Front Line Supervisor, Operations Manager, Quality Manager, Director of Human Resources, and Corporate Continuous Improvement Champion, Shane brings extensive experience in every aspect of organizational dynamics and effectiveness. His “Real World” process driven approach to creating and sustaining high performance has led leaders across the country to embrace the Process Based Leadership® methodology as a core operating system in driving organizational focus, urgency, and accountability.