Six Steps to Improve the Journey to Operational Excellence in Smart Manufacturing

  • Offering insights from one of the world’s largest IoT patent holders with 100+ years of experience owning, operating, servicing, and supplying companies in the operational and information technology sectors
  • Taking action to reduce costs, increase agility, and reduce bottlenecks, improve utilization of factory assets and resources, increase production speed and quality, and meet compliance and sustainability goals
  • Learning to draw a more detailed digital manufacturing road map and avoid the early pitfalls that make it difficult for so many companies to thrive in the the digital world of smart manufacturing
  • Leveraging existing data to improve KPIs, aggregate and analyze data to reduce costs, increase asset utilization (equipment, people, and space), and improve production speed and quality

Stephen Engel
SVP for Hitachi Consulting Strategic Solutions Business Development, North America

Stephen Engel is a strategic and creative thought leader who leads a team of senior-level consultants and industry experts from a wide array of industries including industrial manufacturing, distribution, energy, CPG, private equity, and healthcare – to deliver digital transformation capabilities to clients with operations around the world. Engel steers companies from midsize enterprises to multibillion dollar organizations on their journey to digital success by helping to reenergize their businesses to be more competitive and profitable. Working with Hitachi Consulting since 2002, Engel brings more than 20 years of experience guiding some of the most successful companies in the world. Prior to joining Hitachi Consulting, Engel was a Partner with Arthur Andersen Business Consulting (AABC) and held several positions in the Commercial Aerospace Industry.