Work: What You Do, Not Where You Do It

  • Discussing the challenges and advantages of the more traditional notions of work and emphasizes the importance of focusing on strategies and outcomes
  • Exploring the changing landscape of work, and highlighting the emergence of hybrid and remote work.
  • Emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the quality, significance of the work and the results an organization is after
  • Leading organizations through transitions and gain practical insights into how to assess and embrace work arrangements that promote enhanced productivity, effective collaboration and job satisfaction
  • Embracing the essence of work rather than focus of work, thus inspiring individuals to reexamine (or reinforce!) what works for their organization
  • Empowering participants to reimagine their approach to workmodes and equip them with tips on how to navigate through conversation with leadership and employees about workmodes and productivity

Kim Seymour
Chief Human Resources Officer
Etsy, Inc.

With over 20 years managing human resources from revenue-generating commercial businesses to vast global servicing organizations, Kim has a demonstrated ability to architect transformation, forge connections, deliver insights and link talent to strategy. Kim is a trusted advisor and thought partner and has successfully built world-class business teams across different industries, functions, geographies and environments. She is a leader with people operations expertise and ensures that the employee side of the business equation enables execution of strategic objectives.

Kim wholeheartedly believes that talent, leadership and culture are the keys to successful businesses. Therefore she focuses on the quality of the talent in the business, the culture being created, the effectiveness of programs and policies, workforce dynamics, change strategy and inclusive leadership, among other key levers. A lifelong curiosity about what makes people join, perform, contribute, stay and elevate has made her a valued partner to senior leaders who understand that strong talent and the right culture are the ultimate competitive advantages.

Kim’s expertise is rooted in strong business acumen and forward-thinking HR strategies in the areas of talent assessment, succession planning, organizational design, performance management, labor relations, benefits, acquisitions, divestitures and coaching. Kim is often asked to speak to a variety of audiences globally on all of these topics as well as her personal leadership philosophies.

Kim joined Etsy to drive global strategy in all areas that impact the company’s talent. She oversees all aspects of the company’s human capital plan, with a strong emphasis on talent, leadership, diversity and organizational effectiveness.

Prior to joining Etsy, Kim served as Chief People Officer at WW where she developed and delivered impactful human capital strategies.
Prior to WW, Kim held successively progressive roles at American Express, Home Depot and General Electric.

Kim currently serves on the Board of Directors of RHR International and the Board of Trustees for Fisk University, a Historically Black College/University. She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal,,, and Bloomberg and speaks on Leadership and Culture globally.