Redefining Growth and Transforming for the Future

We are redefining how we view, articulate, and support growth at Pfizer – it’s an exciting change, and one that is truly empowering, for each of us individually, and for Pfizer as a whole. By expanding our view of growth and empowering our colleagues to make their journey their own, we are opening the door to many different possibilities. Rodrigo will bring us along on Pfizer’s HR journey to redefine the employee growth strategy and share his own personal reflections as a newly appointed HR Leader with a nonlinear growth path!

Rodrigo Puga
VP Global Talent Solutions

Rodrigo Puga is an executive with more than 23 years of experience at Pfizer, leading high-performance teams and implementing new and successful business models in different markets.

Rodrigo was appointed as VP, Global Talent Solutions on January 1st, 2021. As part of the HR leadership team, he is responsible to develop and lead the talent strategy for Pfizer including recruiting, growth, performance, diversity, equity and inclusion among other key HR initiatives.

In his previous role, he was VP, Global Marketing Cardiovascular and Global Brands, where he led the global marketing function for Pfizer’s Internal Medicine in line portfolio, including Eliquis, the N°1 small molecule in the pharmaceutical industry in alliance with BMS.

Prior to his headquarters experience, Rodrigo was the Country Manager in Mexico, Colombia and Peru/Bolivia.

He began his professional career in 1997 with Pfizer Argentina as a Trainee. From then until 2012, he worked in different commercial and finance positions in Argentina and Chile, which allowed him to acquire a vast experience and knowledge of the business.

Rodrigo is from Argentina and has a Bachelor´s in Business Administration from the Catholic University in Buenos Aires. In addition, he has an MBA from the Universidad de los Andes in Chile, where he received the recognition for Best Academic Performance.