Employee Value Equation: A Playbook for Mutual Success

  • What is the Employee Value Equation and why is it important now?
  • Understanding P&G’s roadmap to a renewed Employee Value Equation
  • Driving competitive advantage through employee engagement in today’s dynamic environment

Vinitaa Jayson
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, North America
Procter & Gamble

2020 Senior Vice President – Human Resources, P&G North America (Cincinnati)

2018 Vice President – Human Resources, P&G North America (Cincinnati) 2016 Vice President – Human Resources, P&G Asia (Singapore)

2010 Director, Global Grooming (Boston)

2009 Associate Director-HR, Global Olay & Global Body Care Brand Franchises and Beauty & Grooming Breakthrough Organization Design Leader (Cincinnati)

2007 Associate Director-HR, Skin, Personal Cleansing & Deodorants, Personal Beauty GBU (Cincinnati)

2004 Associate Director-HR, Global MDO Product Supply (Customer Services & Logistics) and Corporate General Manager Performance Scorecards (Cincinnati)

2002 Senior Manager, Global HR Professional Development, and Global Competencies Deployment Leader (Manila),Philippines Compensation Manager (Manila)

1999 Manager-HR, Asia Employee Data Systems & Payroll Process Owner, Asia GBS (Manila) 1997 India Sales HR Manager (Mumbai)

1995 India Recruiting Manager (Mumbai)

1995 Associate Manager, India Compensation & Benefits (Mumbai)