Use AI to Give Junior Operators The Performance of Experienced Staff

  • Help operators identify and implement improvement opportunities: Production lines have millions of variables that affect performance. Learn how AI can assist operators in identifying which process settings to change and how to optimize for a given outcome (i.e. lowest cost or highest throughput)
  • Give operators the confidence to make process changes: AI can give operators foresight into how changes or current settings will impact quality to ensure they stay in spec
  • Leverage knowledge at scale: Current data and processes contain invaluable, but siloed information for your operators. AI can be an accelerator for consolidating, sorting, and distributing knowledge throughout the front-line
  • Keep the experience simple: To drive adoption of these advanced technologies, they need to be packaged and presented in a way that’s intuitive and simple to use

Willem Sundblad
CEO and Co-Founder
Oden Technologies

Willem Sundblad is the co-founder and CEO of Oden Technologies, a company empowering operators by providing real-time, AI-driven prescriptive process setting recommendations and predictive quality directly to the front line. In his spare time, he is a contributing writer to and takes every chance he gets to enjoy the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Chris Rodgers
Director of TPM
INX International Ink Co.

Chris Rodgers is the Director of TPM for INX International Ink Co. INX with parent company, SAKATA INX Corp., is the third largest ink manufacturer in the world. From the beginning of his career with INX in 1994 to 2005, Chris worked in research and technical services. In 2005, Chris was asked to take on a newly created role in TPM. Since taking on this role, Chris has assisted with or led projects across INX operations to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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