Modern Manufacturing – A New Standard for People and Processes

Modern Manufacturing – A New Standard for People and Processes from Executive Platforms on Vimeo.

  • Exploring how a modern manufacturing execution system (MES) runs processes for efficient operations – and so much more.
  • Covering it’s flexibility to fit a wide range of physical equipment configurations, multiple processes and industry scenarios, and it empowers workforce decision-making.
  • Learning how SAP integrates people and processes and ensures flexibility and consistency across a wide range of production scenarios
  • Discussing informed decisions, appropriate to a shift’s capabilities, create workforce and operational efficiency while aligning to overall business priorities, planning and logistics
  • Discussing how a modern MES combines the power of standard applications, the scalability of cloud, and a dynamic partner ecosystem, allowing manufacturers to set a new standard

Sam Castro
Sr. Director, Product Marketing, LoB Digital Manufacturing

Sam Castro joined SAP in July 2005 with the acquisition of a small company called Lighthammer. At that time he was responsible for implementation consulting, field enablement, custom development, and training for the core products (Illuminator, Xacute, UDS, CMS).  Sam is now part of the SAP LoB Manufacturing Product Marketing group, which is directly responsible for strategy and direction of our Manufacturing portfolio or products.

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