Addressing the Top 4 COO Challenges for 2024

  • How to deliver maximum end-to-end PERFORMANCE with minimal effort
  • How to enable problem solving at SCALE with cross-functional teams
  • How to RETAIN your people by enriching their work day and sense of purpose
  • How to leverage a zero loss mindset to build in excellence LONGEVITY

In this session Performance Solutions by Milliken (PSbyM) will show you how the best organizations are thriving in the current challenging landscape and how their teach-coach-mentor model of partnership helps these organizations engage their employees to excel with rapid ROI.

Chris Poole
Director of Client Development
Performance Solutions by Milliken

Chris Poole serves as the Director of Client Development for PSbyM. Chris has a 25 year track record of engaging global clients in supporting the delivery of tailored, high-quality excellence programs with special focus on supply chain excellence, operational excellence and safety excellence delivering sustainable transformational results. He’s an expert in all aspects of policy deployment, leadership development, organizational alignment, cultural excellence and focused problem-solving methodologies.

Chris is a certified Change Management Practitioner, Master Black Belt, and TPM Instructor.

Shawn Smith
Business Leader, North America
Performance Solutions by Milliken

Shawn Smith serves as the Business Leader for the North American Region. Shawn has 20 years of experience in fast paced cost-conscious manufacturing environments. After leading operations for multiple years Shawn joined Performance Solutions by Milliken traveling the globe delivering performance results at more than 30 clients. He is an expert in management systems, leadership development, coaching, and problem solving.

Shawn is a certified Business Coach and Six Sigma Belt.

Performance Solutions by Milliken (PSbyM) brings a unique, Practitioner-based value proposition to its clients and has built an enviable record of helping companies achieve substantial and sustainable improvements in their operations and safety excellence efforts. This approach, built on the foundation of lessons learned while Milliken & Company created and implemented its own world-class performance system, helps client organizations engage and empower their associates by establishing a culture of continuous improvement and drive breakthrough operations impact. PSbyM currently serves companies in more than 100 operating locations in 28 countries across a wide range of industry sectors.