Building Sustainability into the Supply Chain

  • Developing a business case for sustainability
  • Measuring and benchmarking environmental footprint across the supply chain
  • Empowering suppliers and partners to validate and drive sustainability
  • Enacting change at scale: Getting a seat at the table and working together to maximize impact

Angie Slaughter
VP Sustainability, Logistics, SVC & Capabilities Procurement

Angie Slaughter is a VP of Sustainability, Logistics, SVC and Capabilities Procurement at Anheuser-Busch. During Angie’s time with the company – spanning over 20 years – she has held several roles within operations and procurement dedicated to driving transformational change for the country’s biggest brewer.

As VP of Sustainability Procurement, Angie is responsible for developing strategies which ensure Anheuser-Busch remains an industry-leader in sustainability and continues to make progress towards achieving its 2025 Sustainability Goals.

Under Angie’s supervision, Anheuser-Busch has continued to reduce its environmental impact across its supply chain. Some of the sustainability advancements Angie has directly been involved with include:

Securing 100% of the company’s purchased electricity from renewable resources four years in advance (by 2021)
Reducing the company’s carbon footprint by ordering over 800 zero-emission trucks (40 Tesla & 800 Nikola)
Improving recycling rates at Anheuser-Busch’s U.S. breweries which is almost 100% and increasing recycled content in packaging
Launching SmartBarley in 2014 with our growers in the U.S.
Investing in key watershed projects to improve water quality and increase water quantity in the communities where we operate.
Angie is also responsible for overseeing the company’s logistics procurement strategy and Supplier Value Creation or SVC, and managing the development of new employees who are part of the capabilities group. In addition, Angie plays a key role in identifying the right organizations the company works with, ensuring that these partnerships drive meaningful change for the environment and contribute to our objective of building a better world.

Angie received her Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Illinois and is a licensed Professional Engineer.