The Next Generation Employee Experience

  • Understanding the frustration employees feel when trying to get service from HR and how consumer-like experiences are reshaping expectations in today’s workforce
  • How employee experience platforms will reshape the war for talent
  • How to make it #EasyForEmployees to get service across the enterprise by creating the next generation employee experience
  • Differentiating your organization by making employee experience your competitive advantage
  • Sharing our best practices for transforming HR Service delivery and consumerizing the employee service experience

Matt Parrish
HR Transformation Consultant

Matt is an HR Transformation Leader at ServiceNow. A pioneer in HR Service Delivery, Matt has more than 20+ years of running enterprise product management and user experience teams for companies such as Intuit, Home Depot, and Enwisen. Matt is an advocate of merging design thinking and rapid innovation with emerging generational talent and the future of work.