Solving the Volume Recruiting Challenge with AI

  • AI’s Evolution in High-Volume Recruitment:
    • Explore how AI is reshaping the landscape of high-volume hiring, from mobile applications to real-time chat support, and understand its pivotal role in streamlining the recruitment process for 2024.
  • Speed, Automation, and Quality:
    • The Winning Trinity: Learn how speed in hiring drives quality, reduces costs, and enhances predictability, and find out how automation can boost productivity by over 90%, delivering remarkable efficiency.
  • AI Unleashed: 5 Essential Considerations:
    • Get ready to revolutionize your recruitment process by evaluating AI options, including chat applications, real-time support, market updates, and automated workflows, to serve candidates seamlessly from application to their start date.

Hope Weatherford
Global Head of People

With over 15 years in the People space, Hope Weatherford has been captivated by HR tech, from how it can change the way we work to how it can change the lives of others for the better. She has worked at different levels for all types of companies, from Fortune 100 to early-stage startups. She also serves as an advisor to multiple HR tech startups. Today, Hope leads the People Team at Fountain where she and her colleagues pride themselves on changing the world, one job at a time.