How AI Can Empower Us and the Candidate Experience

  • Understanding how recruitment technology has changed the way companies attract and engage talent, and expectations in the way people search and apply for work
  • Discussing how we can shift the paradigm where technology no longer limits human interactions, but empowers us to deliver more personal, meaningful and human experiences
  • Demonstrating how companies, candidates and employees are benefiting from assistive intelligence, including more quality time spent with talent, a competitive advantage that attracts top talent faster, and a personalized one-to-one candidate experience that’s meeting or exceeding expectations

Ben Bromberg
VP, Client Success

Ben is obsessed with building successful client relationships by providing a world-class experience for organizations that partner with Paradox. In addition to working with our enterprise clients, Ben is responsible for leading the teams that manage onboarding, implementation and delivery of Paradox solutions and technology. Ben has diverse experience helping companies from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies with their recruitment technology needs. Ben previously ran operations and sales teams at Apollo Group.