Data-Driven Insights into the Employee Experience Lifecycle

  • What can data points from millions of real-time employee engagement survey responses across 153 countries worldwide tell us about the employee experience lifecycle?
  • Leveraging real-world data—and a unique structured approach to data-science—to provide unparalleled insight into the employee experience lifecycle, in real time, globally
  • Exploring distinct phases in the employee lifecycle and insights about how each phase impacts employee engagement, including:
  • Onboarding insights: what are the key drivers of a successful onboarding?
  • Engagement insights: how does engagement differ by tenure, role, location, and age?
  • Separation insights: what are the leading indicators a key employee is about to leave?
  • Key findings and real-world examples in a practical and no-nonsense format allowing attendees to come away having learned something they can apply in their day jobs

Patrick Cournoyer

When implementing Peakon at the San Francisco technology company where Patrick Cournoyer was previously Vice President of People, Patrick saw the transformative power of the platform firsthand. He was so impressed, he moved halfway around the world to join the Peakon team in Copenhagen. Now as Peakon’s Chief Operations Officer, he works to ensure every partnership with Peakon is inspiring and impactful – both internally and externally. A former founding member of the team that established Virgin America, Patrick’s passion for delivering a service that goes above and beyond all expectations can be felt in every employee and customer relationship with Peakon.