Communication and Collaboration in the Food Industry – A Conversation with Gary Nowacki

At North American Food Safety & Quality 2019 last month in Chicago we spoke with Gary Nowacki of TraceGains about how data management and the sharing of information throughout a supply chain are ever-present challenges for Food and Beverage companies. TraceGains works to connect business partners seamlessly and easily to facilitate communication and collaboration.

To hear more on this topic, here is a link to Gary’s workshop from NAFS19 that we shared earlier.

TraceGains is a rapidly growing software company, delivering a sophisticated suite of products for food, beverage, and CPG companies. TraceGains solutions empower our customers to satisfy compliance with regulations and industry standards such as FSMA, GFSI, and HACCP/HARPC, without the need for additional staff.

At the heart of TraceGains is a robust platform that enables companies to automate and optimize their processes through instant information sharing and collaboration between supply chain partners, which saves time and improves food safety and quality. TraceGains is leading the charge to revolutionize information exchange across the supply chain.