Building A Resilient Supply Chain that Understands Risks and Leverages Innovation and Partnerships

  • Managing short- medium-, and long-range planning to identify and mitigate risk
  • Ensuring partnership success and future-looking innovation
  • Reinforcing what works, learning from what does not, and accepting small-scale failures as an opportunity to win big elsewhere
  • Developing a disruption-tolerant supply chain based on the experience gained during COVID-19

Paul Gallagher
Chief Supply Chain Officer
General Mills

Paul Gallagher is the Chief Supply Chain Officer at General Mills. He is responsible for all facets of supply chain strategy & execution, including Sourcing, Planning, Manufacturing & Engineering, Logistics & Customer Operations, and Healthy, Safety & Environment.

Paul joined General Mills in 2019 as VP of North America Supply Chain, where he was accountable for operations in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. with 30+ sites and 10,000 employees. His responsibilities for North America – and his focus on transforming the network to drive competitive advantage for the business – continue in his role as Chief Supply Chain Officer. Paul is also the Executive Sponsor for General Mills’ Black Champions Network.

Prior to joining General Mills’ in 2019, Paul worked for Diageo for 26 years in a number of senior leadership roles, building an end-to-end global supply chain and procurement experience. Originally from Ireland, Paul started his profession brewing Guinness and grew his experience to taking on global supply chain roles across Europe, Africa, Latin America, North America, and Asia Pacific.

Paul is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin in Ireland where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. He has a passion for sports, especially soccer, and spends his spare time restoring classic cars. He lives in Minnesota with his wife and has four children.