Biotech Business Bootcamp – Treating Cultural Sclerosis…

  • Repetitive engagement survey results with no sustainable action plan for improvement?
  • Meeting mania dominating each and every day?
  • Data, metrics, KPI’s, and scorecards – Thermometers or Thermostats?
  • OPEX tools and governance models that feel abstract and disconnected?

Struggling with any of these symptoms? If so, your organization is suffering from Cultural Sclerosis. While not fatal, it is debilitating. Fortunately, we have developed a ‘Sustainable Treatment Plan’ based upon 25 years of work with organizations including GSK, Pfizer, Genentech, Gilead, and Alcon that will drive Clarity, Connectivity and Consistency into both your team and leadership culture.

Shane A. Yount is a nationally recognized author, consultant, and principal of Competitive Solutions, Inc., an international Business Transformation consulting and software firm. Shane’s team pioneered the acclaimed organizational governance system known as Process Based Leadership® (PBL) – A robust governance methodology designed to create a sustainable cadence of clarity, connectivity, and consistency. Shane’s ability to diagnose inefficient governance models and quickly design and deploy solutions that accelerate and amplify team performance has made him and his firm long-term partners with such organizations as Genentech, Pfizer, Alcon, Roche, GSK, Meridian Medical Technologies, and many others. Since 1991, Shane has led the offices of Competitive Solutions, Inc. while publishing three best-selling business novels. His latest novel, Leading Your Business Forward is required reading within many leadership development curriculums being taught within industry today.