Leading and Leadership in Lean Bio-Manufacturing Operations

  • Lean applications in Bio-Manufacturing is both complex and simple
    Sustaining lean performances in Bio-Manufacturing is both science and art
    Good versus Great Lean leadership… It matters
    Successful OE polynomial equation for Lean Bio-Manufacturing = … ?

Jacks Lee is an industry executive with global experiences in biopharmaceutical, small molecule drugs and vaccines. His 25+ years of experiences spans across technical, operational and strategic leadership roles in Science-Technology, Engineering, Quality, Supply Chain and Manufacturing. He currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Merck Manufacturing Division-Global Vaccines Operations. Jacks joined Merck in 2007 as head of Global Technology & Engineering. Prior to that, he was with Sanofi and its predecessor companies in varying capacities including serving as heads of US Biological Operations and Global Pharmaceutical Products Division. He is a member of the Vaccines Advisory Board, and was previously nominated and served on the United States Pharmacopia (USP) Expert Committee of Biostatistics.