AI 101: Empowering TA with Automation

  • The keys to maximizing the impact of AI and automation
  • What AI and automation should do vs what recruiters should do
  • How TA and HR leaders can prepare for the future of AI in talent acquisition and adapt to seismic technological changes
  • How organizations can future-proof their hiring processes.
  • Where we are on the AI adoption curve according to Harvard Business Review, and what the future holds.

Kristen Bailey
VP, Talent Acquisition

Kristen has dedicated her life’s work to building TA organizations that drive business success. Prior to joining Paradox, Kristen spent 12 years at Amazon, last serving as Director of Talent Acquisition. Now, she is responsible for building the teams, systems, and strategies that help Paradox scale. And yes, that means thinking about how we use Paradox tech at Paradox!