The Myth of Out-of-the-Box Blockchain: Three Things to Know Now

Considering a leap to a blockchain system for food safety? We’ll cover:

  • How do blockchain systems work?
  • Will your workflow change? And if so, how?
  • Three questions you should always ask before committing to blockchain systems
  • Which complementary technologies magnify the power of blockchain systems—and which fail to fully meet food safety needs?
  • Which similar powerful technologies are available in ready-to-use format today?

Matt Smith

Matt is the founder of ICIX and is responsible for determining the company’s vision and strategy and cultivating industry relationships. Since ICIX was established in 2004, Matt has been instrumental in securing many of its flagship customers and is a recognized authority in supply chain risk management and product safety. An active event speaker, he works with industry, government and advocacy groups to determine and champion industry-wide supply chain solutions. Prior to founding ICIX, Matt managed sales and client services at Megabus, a leading Australian accounting solutions company. He is also an accomplished sailor and served as one of the world’s youngest professional mega yacht captains.