Business Bootcamp – Driving Greater Execution, Engagement, and Ultimately Earnings!

Are you ready to accurately assess your teams, your leaders, and your performance? For 25 years, Competitive Solutions, Inc. has been taking organizations through Business Bootcamp with some pretty dramatic results. Learn how to:

  • Drive Business Acumen at a tactical level
  • Move accountability from a concept to a practice and elevate expectations of engagement
  • Eliminate hours of meetings a week by recalibrating intent
  • Moving from abstract OPEX tools to business critical necessities
  • What are the eight essential elements of 21st century leaders?

Shane Yount is a nationally recognized author, speaker and principal of Competitive Solutions, Inc. Shane began his career with Perdue Farms, Inc. His “Real World” process driven approach to creating and sustaining high performance has led leaders across the country to embrace the Process Based Leadership® methodology as a core operating system in driving organizational focus, urgency, and accountability. Since 1991, he has led the offices of Competitive Solutions, Inc. to become one of the nations most recognized Business Transformation consulting firms, working first-hand with Michelin, Glaxo Smith Kline, Pfizer, Lockheed Martin, the Department of Defense and many others. Shane’s approach of challenging leaders to confront what truly “powers performance” within their organizations gives leaders a unique glimpse into their personal leadership legacies.