The Future of Supply Chain Decisions. Now.

  • Decision Intelligence lies at the intersection of AI, BI, and automation. How does it fit into your business strategy?
  • Explore how Decision Intelligence delivers decision-making agility and scale to perform in an increasingly digital world
  • Don’t get left behind: Gartner predicts that more than 33% of large organizations will deploy Decision Intelligence capabilities this year
  • We will share examples of how top organizations are currently deploying the Aera Decision Cloud™ to digitize, augment, and automate millions of decisions, resulting in significant performance gains.

Fred Laluyaux
President & CEO
Aera Technology

Fred Laluyaux is the CEO of Aera Technology, a company transforming the future of work through Decision Intelligence — the digitization, augmentation, and automation of decision making. An entrepreneur at heart and Silicon Valley veteran, Fred brings an impressive track record of building successful startups and driving technology innovation. Prior to launching Aera, Fred was the CEO of Anaplan, which he grew from 20 to 650 employees, and a $1B+ valuation. He also held several executive positions at SAP, Business Objects, and ALG Software.

Kimball Staples
Supply Chain Decision Intelligence Manager

Kimball leads the Decision Intelligence group in ExxonMobil’s Supply Chain, where he is pioneering decision intelligence to be scalable across the global enterprise.

As a digital leader, his strengths lie in bridging business and digital teams to drive real value. In his 18 years at ExxonMobil, Kimball has led efforts in Cost to Serve, Logistics optimization, Change Management, and Digital Transformation.

He is married with five children and currently lives in the Houston, TX area.