AI-First Demand Forecasting: Leveraging Human Insight with AI-Driven Planning

  • Learn how companies are using AI-first forecasting to combine demand planning, demand sensing and causal forecasting with Generative AI
  • Assessing flaws in traditional processes & technologies
  • Discuss the current state of evolution in machine learning to support dynamic decision making
  • Discover how human-machine collaboration cuts planning time, costs, and error
  • Case studies on leveraging an AI-first environment that resulted in a 70% savings of weekly planning time, 15-30% reduction in forecast error and improved inventory management

Sulaiman Panjwani
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Sulaiman Panjwani is the Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Logility. With close to 10 years in Supply Chain across many roles including procurement, supply chain and product marketing, he possesses a deep understanding of the intricate nuances of supply chain management. Sulaiman enjoys translating complex technical solutions into compelling value proposition and leverages his expertise to bridge the gap between technology and customer needs.

Joe Slater
Sr. Business Consultant

Joe has been with Logility for 8 years and got his start as an implementor of their Inventory and Constrained Supply Planning capabilities working with a variety of clients across a broad range of industries like Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, Retail & Apparel, Consumer Durable Goods, and more. For the past several years he’s brought that deep domain expertise to the presales team working with prospective and existing clients to understand their business challenges and align them to capability in Logility’s end-to-end digital supply chain planning platform.