Our Customer-Centricity Transformation Journey

  • Acknowledging that all modern supply chains must be customer-centric, and so creating a flexible, scalable global supply chain with our customers at the core is not a competitive advantage: It is a matter of life and death for our company
  • Discussing the rewards and challenges of building and maintaining a high-performing customer-centric supply chain
  • Establishing transparency and visibility for the global customer experience
  • Offering lessons learned and key takeaways for other supply chain organizations based on our experience
  • Where do we go from here to stay on top and raise what we currently consider to be the ceiling?

Bettina Castillo
Head of Global Supply Operations

Bettina Castillo is a leader with a big passion for building a resilient world-class supply chain together with internal and external stakeholders. She strives to deliver exceptional quality to the IKEA customers and people connected to the IKEA supply chain. Always with value-based leadership, connecting business and people with a focus on simplicity throughout changing environments.

Bettina is the Global Supply Operations Manager at IKEA Supply, the organisation responsible for the development of IKEA´s transport and logistic services capacities and its operations, as well as the responsibility for managing the physical flow of IKEA products from the suppliers to the stores. Together with 400+ passionate co-workers around the world, she sets and steers the global development agenda and secures performance excellence in the area of global supply operations.

Originally from Salzburg, Austria, Bettina earned a doctorate degree in Business Economics from the University of St.Gallen (HSG) with focus on Supply Chain Management, Transport Logistics and Operations. She is a committed and trusted leader with 15+ years’ experience in strategic and operational planning and execution. Her energy and inspiration come from the IKEA vision – to create a better everyday life for the many people. She thrives when she can make a difference by working on a strategic level, while also having passion to zoom into operations – staying close to people and business.