NAMES20 – A Presentation and In-Depth Interview with Shane Yount of Competitive Solutions Inc.

From Defense to Offense – The New Reality of Leadership

Unprecedented change and challenges are facing organizations across industry type. “Red Cape-Heroic” leadership can be
necessary in managing a crisis, but it cannot become the perpetuating force driving the organization. Now is the time to “LEAN INTO”
the Non-Negotiable systems and processes required to move from a position of Defense to Offense both organizationally and from a
leadership execution standpoint. Specifically:

  • Creating the framework for a robust Management System
  • Creating a Digital Management System that becomes the Single Source of Truth
  • Creating an Engagement Culture that is Measurable and Demonstrative
  • Creating a Communication Cadence that Informs, Escalates, and Inspires
  • Creating a Thermostatic Metrics that Drive Purpose, Passion, and People
  • Creating a Velocity Model of Continuous Improvement to Institutionalize, Innovate, and Inspire