Keynote: Bringing a Global, Holistic Approach to Food Quality & Safety

  • What do we mean when we say we want our entire organization and all of our partners up and down our products’ supply chain to put food safety and quality at the core of everything they do?
  • Understanding how safety, quality, compliance, order fulfillment, cost structures, team effectiveness, and corporate leadership all come together to impact the customer experience
  • Designing and implementing a new system of non-financial performance measurement that focuses on qualitative rather than quantitative goals
  • Cultivating a culture of regular and open communication to drive continuous improvement efforts, share what works, and document what we have learned for regulators and industry partners
  • Illustrating positive change in all facets of the company over time and discussing how this journey continues into the future

Craig Wilson
VP, General Merchandising Manager
Costco Wholesale

Craig Wilson is the Vice President, General Merchandising Manager of Quality Assurance/ Food Safety, Non-Foods Quality Assurance, Environmental Services/Haz Mat and Merchandise Services for Costco Wholesale Corporation. Costco Wholesale Corporation operates membership warehouses world-wide, that offer a selection of branded and private label products in a range of merchandise categories.

Costco is a global leader when it comes to food safety, and all suppliers must meet their strict compliance requirements. Costco’s food safety audit systems, STEC testing of fresh foods, x-ray product inspection, and unique positions on the Global Food Safety Initiative and the global regulatory environment, is well known industry wide.

Prior to joining Costco Wholesale, Craig worked as a Special Projects Director for Frigoscandia Equipment Food Safety Systems for over 24 years. During his time with Frigoscandia, Craig published numerous research papers in the areas of food safety and food processing and holds many patents, the most notable for steam pasteurization of food, and is the recipient of the Gia/Matek, Global Excellence in Food Safety Award.

He currently serves on the Global Food Safety Initiative Board, the Center for Produce Safety Board, the Center for Food Integrity Board, the STOP Food Borne Illness Board and the Steering Committee for the National Food Safety Consortium. Craig is also a member of the Board of Directors for Camp Korey.