Ingredient Agility is Brand Agility

Today’s challenges can no longer be managed by a linear supply chain model. Meeting customer expectations for customized, sustainable products and fast deliveries in the midst of major disruption demands a different approach.

  • Mastering ingredient data is key to managing the evolving supply chain
  • Networked ingredients make that data visible, actionable, and shareable as your partnerships become more complex
  • Leverage the shared language of networked ingredient data to take time and complexity out of your co-manufacturing relationships

Gary Iles
SVP of Marketing and Business Development

Gary Iles is a technology leader and pioneer who has spent his career designing categories and innovating customer experiences. Whether via software applications or buying journeys, he brings a portfolio of successful experiences challenging the status quo and catalyzing industry change.

Having recently joined TraceGains as their SVP Marketing and Business Development, he’s embraced the concepts in Play Bigger to share an exciting new vision that TraceGains is creating for the CPG industry. Mr. Iles has led concept-through-deployment efforts of industry leading billing analytics software, award winning customer portal designs, and advanced unified collaboration SaaS applications. At his previous three companies, he’s helped Sales teams achieve consistent growth through creative, disciplined, and integrated marketing tactics. He’s driven high double-digit revenue growth in start-ups, mid and even large cap companies by reinventing brand strategies to create “blue oceans” and new solution categories. He’s worked on M&A and transition teams, with experience participating in two successful liquidity events.

Mr. Iles believes that great people are attracted to great purpose, and that the best teams emerge from a dedication to bold, impactful missions designed to leapfrog technology. He’s operated and led teams EMEA and APAC, holding executive roles over Marketing, Partners, Product and Sales, a breadth of responsibilities that has afforded him perspective and empathy for the challenges facing all departments attempting to win the hearts and wallet-votes of markets.

Paul Bradley
Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Paul is a veteran product development and product marketing professional with over twenty years in the technology and consulting industries, with a longstanding focus on the food and beverage, restaurant, and retail verticals. He has worked with, and learned from, some of the largest and most dynamic brands in the industry and is a passionate but pragmatic advocate for the power of technology to help businesses achieve the resiliency and scale necessary to thrive in a complex global marketplace.