Humans @ The Center — Harnessing the Power of Your People to Drive Rapid Performance Improvement and Sustainable Transformation

  • Hear why “top-down” change management initiatives often fail, and why engaging people to fundamentally change their day-to-day behavior through a, “learn by doing” approach delivers real performance transformation
  • Learn about six guiding principles to drive visible action and support impactful, sustainable performance transformation
  • See how to build sustainable manufacturing transformations by developing adaptive skills in an adaptive corporate culture that intentionally engages workers as individuals
  • Discover how to rapidly scale and identify real results and tangible business cases —in just weeks— with people at the center
  • Hear directly from recognized industry leader Procter & Gamble how to build and sustain a holistic, company-wide and integrated system all focused on achieving a clear organizational objective: harnessing employee engagement to continuously drive toward zero loss

Morgan Malone


Morgan Malone is the Global Manufacturing Leader at EY, responsible for delivering world class manufacturing capabilities and results to our clients. Morgan has 20+ years experience across consulting and industry, with a specific focus on manufacturing and overall operational excellence.  Prior to EY, he served in a variety of manufacturing and production roles, including Vice President / Plant Manager, at a premium food and gift producer and retailer.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Information & Operations Management from Texas A&M University.

“My passion is helping client leaders and operators drive a high reliability culture with people at the core, who are enabled and empowered to achieve a zero loss mindset and 100% total employee engagement.”

Patrick Smith
P&G Global Director, Manufacturing Innovation & Capability


Experienced Supply Chain leader with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer goods industry throughout Global, North American, and European businesses.  Strong manufacturing professional with mastery in Operational Excellence, Lean Manufacturing, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Supply Chain Optimization and Supply Chain Startups. He has led numerous Supply Chain transformations leveraging innovative Automation & Digitization solutions while accelerating business value creation.  He is currently a member of P&G’s Global Manufacturing Leadership Team, bringing manufacturing leadership together across all of P&G’s Business Units to deliver the next S-Curve in Supply Chain performance.

EY is a global leader in Supply Chain and Operations consulting. We have successfully partnered with Procter & Gamble (P&G) for over 10 years to help our clients accelerate and de-risk their manufacturing transformation journeys.

The EY and P&G Alliance combines P&G’s proven manufacturing excellence know-how with EY’s execution capabilities and digital enablers. Together, we have helped our clients drive sustainable performance improvement in more than 450 factories.

We know what’s possible. Sustainable growth. Productivity improvement. Huge cost savings. Motivated employees. Consistent innovation to outperform the competition.

Our structured manufacturing program will help you make your ambitions a reality. Don’t settle for good when you can have excellence…Expect more!