How Blockchain is Advancing a New Era of End-to-End Transparency in Global Supply Chains

  • Explaining how distributed ledger technology is a game-changing new tool for supply chain executives
  • Highlighting some early adaptors who are already incorporating blockchain technology into their supply chains
  • Offering real-world examples of what blockchain-enabled supply chains will allow us to do better than ever before
  • How should our profession incorporate blockchain into our existing best practices and standard operating procedures?
  • What is the future for this new trend? How common and widespread will this become in the future?

Stephen Rogers
VP, Blockchain Initiatives for Supply Chain

Steven has been at IBM for 36 years. He joined in 1981 as an Industrial Engineer. He spent the first five years in various production engineering and planning roles for IBM printing and banking products. In 1986 he joined finance after receiving an MBA from the Babcock School at Wake Forest. He then went on to hold several financial management positions until eventually becoming the Director of Supply Chain for Retail Store Solutions in 2002. In 2003, Steven took on the role of VP for Demand/Supply and Inventory Planning for all IBM hardware brands and worked in a variety of other VP roles until he landed his current title of VP, Blockchain Initiatives for Supply Chain in 2017.