Go Beyond Engagement – Transform Your Culture into Competitive Advantage

  • Architect the most effective culture based on your specific strategic objective
  • Assess where your culture is today relative to where you need it to be in the future
  • Activate custom programs and employees to not only withstand disruption but to become a disruptor in your market

Jennifer Stoll
Principal Strategist

Jennifer Stoll is a Principal Strategist at CultureIQ, with over 15 years’ experience in consulting and project execution. Areas of particular focus for Ms. Stoll include workforce culture, employee engagement, survey data analysis, text analytics, and specialized offerings such as Total Rewards Optimization. In her role as Principal Strategist, Ms. Stoll partners closely with her clients and their executive teams to understand their organizations and deliver results, presentations, and action plans to address their key areas of focus. Jennifer has recently co-authored a chapter on employee preferences in the upcoming book, Employee Surveys and Sensing.

CultureIQ is a global culture management company empowering organizations to transform their culture into a competitive advantage. Powered by industry experts, flexible technology, and a research-backed, results-focused framework, CultureIQ will help architect, assess & activate the most effective culture based on your specific strategy.