Fact-Based Negotiations

This presentation will include the following:

  • Burning Platform
  • Organizational Changes
  • Process/Governance
  • Results
  • Lessons learned

Doug Weston
Director, Purchasing

Doug Weston is the Purchasing Director for the Energy & Transportation Division of Global Supply Network Division of Caterpillar Inc.. Doug has buying responsibility for over $4.5B which includes Engine Components and Assemblies, Fuel Systems, Generators, Rough and Machined Castings.

Doug began his career in 1984 with Sundstrand Aviation as a cooperative education student. While at Sundstrand, Doug was a Service Manual Writer for B1B, C5A and Cessna 182.

Upon graduation in December 1985, Doug joined Martin Engineering as a Research and Development Engineer. Doug was promoted to Product Manager with responsibility for the Flow Aides product line.

In 1986, Doug joined Caterpillar at the start up of the Lafayette, Indiana Large Engine Center as a Special Engineering Requirements Analyst. Over the next 2 years, Doug held a number of positions in Supply Chain and Requirements Planning.

1988 was the first year Doug moved into Purchasing. From 1988 to 1999 Doug progressed through the Global Purchasing organization where he has held every position supporting every business unit.

In 1999, Doug then transferred to a Marketing role as the Industrial Industry Segment Manager which had responsibility for marketing product into market segments such as Scrap, Recycling, Demolition, and Transfer Stations. From 2003-2005, this position was transferred to Geneva, Switzerland where Doug had global responsibility and the additional responsibility of developing Europe, Africa, and Middle East.

In 2005, Doug returned to Global Purchasing as the Global Segment Manager for Engine Components and then as Site Purchasing Manager for Mossville, Greenville, Pontiac, Thomasville and Jefferson facilities.

Doug then became the Global Segment Manager for Purchased Finished Components in 2007. He had buying responsibility for Machines globally for Categories such as Tires, Bearings, Fasteners, Filters and Miscellaneous other components.

In 2009 he led the newly formed Enterprise Cost Reduction division and in 2010 was named the Purchasing Director for the Bucyrus Integration. In September 2011 Doug was named as the Purchasing Director for Advanced Components and Systems Division. Doug had buying responsibility for $4B which included Hydraulics, Transmissions, Gears, Lower Powertrain, Cabs, Electrical and Electronics. Doug was named to his current position in November of 2013

Doug has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Bradley University. Doug is also a graduate of Penn State Purchasing Executive Series. He is a lifetime Certified Purchasing Manager from NAPM.