Case Study: Red Wing Shoe Company Makes Giant Steps with SIOP

Red Wing Shoe Company will discuss how the company has created a demand-driven supply chain and taken huge steps to increase forecast accuracy, reduce inventory, improve fill rates, boost collaborative visibility with key suppliers, and accelerate a productive sales inventory and operations planning (SIOP) cadence.

  • Learn how to drive operational excellence through supply chain processes
  • Hear how to create a demand-driven supply chain
  • Get tips on how to create or fine tune your SIOP (or S&OP) process

Mallery Dosdall
Demand Planning Manager
Red Wing Shoe Company

Mallery is responsible for forecasting inventory needs and helps set the strategic plans around supply and demand. She is a company-wide driver for process improvements and efficiencies with her eye locked on the overall demand for products and services. She also plays in instrumental role in leading the sales inventory and operations planning (SIOP) process.