Communication as the Bedrock of an Employee-Centric Corporate Culture

  • Understanding that the most successful organizations cannot run on top-down leadership relying on guesswork to guide its workforce
  • Demonstrating the importance of employee voices in framing the important conversations and decision-making we need to have as an organization
  • Offering examples and best practices to gather ideas and input from throughout the workforce, and especially from under-represented voices
  • Gathering thoughts and suggestions is vital, but what are the next steps? What does follow-through and follow-up look like in an employee-centric company?

Lori Costew
Chief Diversity Officer & People Strategy
Ford Motor Company

Lori Costew is honored to serve as the Chief Diversity Officer and Director of People Strategy at Ford Motor Company. Her portfolio focuses on the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts to cultivate an environment where all employees feel a sense of belonging, while integrating DEI into the corporate strategy.

For nearly three decades Lori has leveraged her expertise across Ford in roles including marketing, UAW negotiations, Equal Employment planning, and organizational development. She also led human resources for the Lincoln Motor Company and the Mobility division.

Currently, the most important priorities for Lori and her team are to identify and remove the barriers impacting women and minorities while fostering understanding amongst all employees. This is integral towards Ford’s aspiration of becoming the world’s most trusted company.

She is also an accomplished author, writing two award winning novels that provide inspiration and tools against bullying. Lori has a master’s degree in human resources from The Ohio State University and a certification in executive coaching from the Hudson Institute.