Closing the Gap: How Digital Maturity Impacts Adoption

  • Building and operating a hands-on training system of use to every facet of your organization
  • Creating opportunities for your workforce to learn and grow as individuals, as leaders, and as part of a team
  • Educating your team to identify waste and impediments to productivity and value generation
  • Learning from your team to find the real KPIs that determine productivity, environmental performance, and cost savings
  • Building capabilities that drive integrated improvements across quality, service, and cost outcomes
  • Demonstrating the ROI of investing in training

Geoffrey Jackson
CEO & Founder
Jackson Consulting Group

Geoffrey Jackson has over 30 years of industrial experience starting as a process engineer, working up to plant manager, and on to corporate Engineering and OT management roles. He has worked in multiple industries including aerospace and building materials and has extensive knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma tools as well as how these work in the Industry 4.0 space. Most recently, he led the digital transformation effort from concept to operationalization for a large, multi-facility company.

Braincube is a Smart IIoT platform enhanced by an advanced business intelligence app suite dedicated to manufacturers. Our user-friendly apps and unique Digital Twin empower everyone to discover instant and long-term value from real-time Edge data and historical data analytics. Continuously contextualized and structured data—whether on-prem or in the cloud—puts the right information in your hands to optimize processes, reduce risk, and increase margins. Braincube provides a one-stop solution to take control of your data and transform your operations.