Overcome Uncertain Times: Digitally Enabled Transformation to Drive Business and Workforce Success

Overcome Uncertain Times: Digitally Enabled Transformation to Drive Business and Workforce Success from Executive Platforms on Vimeo.

  • Manufacturing customers have been piloting programs for years, with little scaled success to show, which has driven hesitancy and resistance to drive real change.
  • Using purpose built AI solutions combined with industry expertise and dedicated customer success and support teams, manufacturers are finding high ROI and value, rapidly, and which can actually be scaled to any size organization.
  • Assets aren’t all equal to your business, so your Machine Health program should be able to match the importance of your assets to your bottom line to help you do more than just eliminate unplanned downtime, but transform how you work and manage assets, processes and ultimately, production.

James Newman
Head of Product and Portfolio Marketing

James Newman is the Head of Product and Portfolio Marketing at Augury. He has 20+ years of experience across engineering, manufacturing, and technology adoption, James brings a customer-focused outlook to understanding how technology impacts organizational outcomes. James’ experience has spanned numerous industries, including energy, water, manufacturing, marine, mining; focused on understanding the real challenges within organizations and how digital solutions can augment and accelerate organizational and cultural transformation. James is a passionate evangelist for the power of transformation and has a passion for how digital adoption can improve worker’s lives while increasing value for the organizations they work for.

Srinivasan Prabhushankar
CTO of Recycling
Indorama Ventures

Srinivasan Prabhushankar also known as Shankar is the CTO of Mechanical Recycling of PET for Indorama Ventures, a Thailand based Global Chemical Company. Shankar has 40 years of industry experience which includes various functional areas viz. Manufacturing, R&D, Technical Services, Project Management etc. Shankar has been working for Indorama Ventures for the past 25 years in Virgin PET, Aromatics and Recycled PET. As the CTO of Recycling, Shankar is responsible for Reliable Operations of the Recycling units, Reaching the Capacity Targets, Quality improvements, Adaption of New Technologies etc. Shankar has a degree in Chemical Engineering from The University of Madras and an Executive MBA from Duke University.

Augury helps eliminate downtime, reduce maintenance costs and maximize productivity for critical machines in industrial and commercial applications ranging from bottling and food processing to paper products and pharmaceuticals. Our Machine Health solutions combine advanced sensors with powerful AI capabilities and collaboration tools to help teams understand when machines are at risk. And we provide the expertise so customers know what to do to prevent failures- long before those risks can threaten production or productivity. To learn more about Augury’s Machine Health solutions, visit augury.com.