Utilizing Science, Collaboration, and Urgency to Set and Achieve ESG Goals

  • Exploring approaches to engage a  broad stakeholder community  in developing sustainability strategies, frameworks,  and goals consistent with a unique corporate identity and culture.
  • Highlighting 3M’s Strategic Sustainability Framework including three pillars:  Science for Circular, Science for Community and Science for Community
  • Demonstrating how to embed science into the heart of sustainability goals and corporate culture
  • Discussing how to raise ambitions and update  goals based on new information.
  • Showcasing how to apply a “math with a path” approach to build confidence and accelerate the pace of carbon emissions, plastic and water reductions through new innovations and technology; and collaborative efforts to help achieve goals even faster.

Gayle Schueller
SVP & Chief Sustainability Officer
3M Company

Dr. Gayle Schueller is 3M’s Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer. Gayle started in 3M’s corporate laboratory as a product development engineer and has over 29 years of technical and business leadership experience.  Her career spans a broad range of businesses from electronics to healthcare to consumer industries.  She has led technical and business teams from around the world including Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America.

Gayle’s previous assignments include Vice President of New Platforms for Growth and Commercialization, Directora General for 3M Mexico, Vice President for Global Sustainability, and Vice President of Research & Development and Design for 3M’s Consumer and Office Business.

She is passionate about making a positive impact in the world through science and technology.