The New Net Zero : Carbon Markets Today and Tomorrow Under Article 6

With the historic agreement of Article 6 at COP26 last year and Net Zero commitments now covering over 80% of global emissions, governments will soon join the private sector in buying and selling carbon credits for Net Zero aims. But what does this mean for corporate voluntary commitments going forward? Are these two different markets and ledgers, or are they intertwined? What does this mean for corporate claims and ownership of the carbon credits and what should buyers planning long term purchasing of carbon credits look out for?

  • The role of carbon markets in Net Zero and the size of the challenge
  • State of carbon markets today, overview of global compliance and voluntary markets
  • Understanding carbon credit specifications and taxonomy
  • Carbon markets under Article 6 and the intersection of public sector and private sector commitments

Hannah Hauman
Global Head of Carbon Trading
Trafigura Group Pte Ltd

Hannah Hauman was appointed Trafigura’s Global Head of Carbon Trading in April 2021. In this role she leads a team across four continents that combines trading, finance and risk management expertise, alongside technical project and policy support, to provide a full service offering in measuring, reducing and compensating GHG emissions to project owners and emitters alike under both regulated and voluntary regimes.

Hannah joined the Group in 2016 in Geneva, firstly becoming Head of Bitumen Trading for Puma Energy before moving to Trafigura’s Oil Trading team, becoming Head of European Crude Trading in 2020. In the eight years prior to joining Trafigura, Hannah worked for a variety of refining, trading, and distribution companies, including as a Middle Distillates trader for Shell in positions based in Houston and London.

An American citizen, Hannah holds a Master of Business Administration from The University of Houston.