Practical Considerations for Establishing a Scope 3 Data Collection Strategy

The quest for more accurate Scope 3 GHG Emissions data is more important than ever with the changing regulatory and climate-action landscapes. However, Scope 3 data collection continues to be a challenge despite making up the bulk of most companies’ GHG inventory.

Join this workshop to discuss:

  • Best practices on how to take a differentiated approach to Scope 3 data collection and move up the Scope 3 maturity curve
  • The importance of technology in facilitating accurate Scope 3 data collection
  • Lessons learned from real-life Scope 3 programs

Amanda Petzinger
Associate VP of ESG/Sustainability Digital Solutions
Benchmark ESG

Amanda Petzinger, Associate VP of ESG/Sustainability Digital Solutions at Benchmark Digital Partners (brand owner and service provider of Benchmark ESG), leads the company’s ESG & Sustainability Practice. In this role, Amanda and her team ensure the continual evolution of Benchmark’s Sustainability & ESG solutions in alignment with subscriber, market, and regulatory needs; provide best practice insights and thought leadership in the ESG space; and manage Benchmark’s internal ESG programs and initiatives.

A key component of Benchmark’s product & solution evolution includes collaborating with subscribers, partners, and industry leaders to ensure the latest industry trends and program challenges are thoughtfully considered and addressed. Amanda is instrumental in facilitating this cross-subscriber engagement by chairing Benchmark’s Annual User Conference, All-Customer Calls, Advisory Group, and various Collaboration Workgroups, including current workgroups for COVID-19 Pandemic Response & ESG Program Excellence.

In addition to her product management & customer engagement responsibilities, Amanda also has 15+ years of expertise implementing, configuring, designing, and supporting Benchmark ESG’s 65+ web-based applications, as well as extensive experience supporting subscribers in their quest for ESG & EHS operational excellence. She also serves as the advisor for Benchmarks’ Sustainability suite of applications.

Amanda received her bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and Spanish from Xavier University in 2010, with summa cum laude distinction.

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