The Journey Towards an Inclusive All-Electric Future

  • How do we make impactful change when climate change does not impact every community equally, and sustainable technology alone is not enough for everyone to benefit from an all-electric future?
  • Highlighting solutions to help close equity gaps in the transition to EVs and other sustainable technologies to reduce carbon emissions by investing in GM’s Climate Equity Fund
  • Establishing strategic partnerships to achieve ESG goals faster than ever before
  • Illustrating how to create a framework for an equitable transition by focusing on the future of work, EV access, EV infrastructure equity, and climate equity

Kristen Siemen
Chief Sustainability Officer
General Motors

Kristen Siemen helps to lead General Motors to a future with zero emissions as the company continues to take bold actions against climate change, including GM’s commitment to become carbon neutral in its products and operations by 2040. In her most recent role as executive director, Global Energy Strategy, Certification, Compliance and Test Labs, Siemen led a cross-functional leadership team responsible for setting corporate energy strategies, including the introduction of fuel economy improvement technologies as well as initiatives aligned with GM’s vision of a zero emissions future. Siemen is also passionate about promoting inclusion and gender equality. She was instrumental in creating GM’s career reentry program, “Take 2,” serves as GM’s key executive for the Society of Women Engineers and is the co-lead for the GM Women Ally Program. Siemen also serves on the Board of Advisors for Catalyst and the Oakland University School of Engineering & Computer Science Advisory Board, where she received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering.