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  • Decision Intelligence lies at the intersection of AI, BI and automation. How does it fit into your business strategy?
  • Exploring how Decision Intelligence delivers decision-making agility and scale to perform in an increasingly digital world
  • Don’t get left behind: Gartner predicts that more than 33% of large organizations will deploy Decision Intelligence capabilities this year
  • Sharing examples of how top organizations are currently deploying Aera Decision Cloud™ to digitize, augment, and automate millions of decisions, resulting in significant performance gains

Laurent Lefouet
Chief Customer Officer
Aera Technology

As the Chief Customer Officer at Aera Technology, Laurent Lefouet leads the company’s high-performing customer success initiatives and operations. A strategic, outcome-focused leader, Laurent puts customers at the center of the experience to deliver satisfaction, retention, and growth. He brings more than 25 years of experience in enterprise software and technology. Prior to Aera, Laurent served as the Managing Director for EMEA at Anaplan. Before Anaplan, he was the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Large Enterprise Sales for SAP France. Laurent has also held international management roles at Business Objects Global and SAP EMEA and India.

Aera Technology is the Decision Intelligence company that transforms how enterprises make and execute decisions. The company’s innovative platform, Aera Decision Cloud™, integrates with existing systems and data sources to enable business decision making in real time, at scale. Trusted by many of the world’s best-known companies and brands, Aera is helping enterprises operate sustainably, intelligently, and efficiently. For more information, visit