Driving a Digital Enterprise – A Strategic Mindset Shift

  • Digital transformation goes beyond technology and must include a culture and mindset shift across the enterprise
  • Thinking differently about the digital capabilities across the organization to drive a successful digital enterprise into the future
  • Upskilling leaders (business and technology) to bring digital strategy into all aspects of the organization
  • Improving processes within product management, design and technology
  • Balancing optimization and transformation and uncovering the role of data in digital transformation

Dalia Powers
SVP and CIO, Digital, Data and Analytics

Dalia Powers is a technology executive focused on transforming organizations in Digital, Analytics, Data and core technology. Sets strategy, and drives results across industries including creating innovative digital products powered by AI/ML that reimagine customer experiences. She is experienced in leading global organizations of ~1,800 resources and ~$307M annual budget. An authentic and trusted leader who is passionate about developing and empowering the next generation of executives, Dalia is recognized for accelerating Agile Transformation, Cloud adoption, encouraging innovation, improving delivery and enhancing quality. Energetic leader with a broad perspective and deep technical roots.


  • Sets strategic vision
  • Drives Execution Excellence
  • Boosts innovation and champions a fail fast mentality
  • Lead large globally distributed organizations in different industries, including Technology, Financial Services, Commercial Real Estate, Healthcare and Insurance
  • Lead Agile Transformation
  • Trusted partner and advisor
  • Exceptional ability to build long-term relations with customers and partners
  • Technology experience spanning areas such as Cloud, DevSecOps, Augmented Reality(AR/VR), NLP, AI & Machine Learning, Fast and Big Data, data lakehouses, APIs, Micro-services, Containers, Streaming platforms, Web & Mobile technologies, Storage, Networks, and Converged Infrastructure.