Harnessing the Power of AI & Data

  • AT&T carries more than 614.6 petabytes of data across its global network every day. To manage data at this scale, it was critical to define a common approach to how data is stored, managed, accessed and shared across the company
  • In recent years, AT&T has established a ‘single version of truth’ for each defined data product so employees are not using different sets of data on the same projects and coming up with conflicting answers to the same questions
  • We created a common data catalog for data findability, and implement data quality checks and security patterns across the data pipelines
  • And, AT&T established a data governance council that includes all core data user groups across the firm to get and stay aligned on this common approach to data
  • This discipline enables our Chief Data Office, hand-in-hand with our business partners across the firm, to harness this massive flow of data to help solve a diverse array of AT&T’s most technically challenging problems

Andy Markus
Chief Data Officer

As AT&T’s Chief Data Officer, Andy Markus leads the vision for data platforms and analytics to position AT&T for growth and serving customers in new ways. His Chief Data Office (CDO) is building enterprise-wide target architecture and solutions for the company. CDO will transform and modernize AT&T data platforms, data supply chain and the data science ecosystem. These initiatives, along with a cutting-edge AI and automation framework, will significantly enhance revenue and reduce costs, while driving a special responsibility to champion data governance creating a unified enterprise view of AT&T data assets using a federated approach to data.