Sustainability & ESG in the Age of AI
  • Discussing how AI is certain to revolutionize Sustainability & ESG management
  • Delving into the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence to optimize Sustainability and ESG strategies, from Generative AI for streamlining and automation, to advanced AI models to reliably identify data anomalies and generate predictive insights
  • Exploring the potential of AI in augmenting digital Sustainability program management, harnessing data for proactive risk mitigation and strategic enhancements across environmental, social, and governance initiatives

Amanda Petzinger
VP, Sustainability, Stewardship, Supply Chain & ESG Solutions
Benchmark Gensuite

Amanda Petzinger is VP, Sustainability, Stewardship, Supply Chain, & ESG Solutions at Benchmark Gensuite leading the company’s ESG & Sustainability Practice. In this role, Amanda and her team ensure the continual evolution of Benchmark Gensuite’s Sustainability & ESG solutions in alignment with subscriber, market, and regulatory needs; provide best practice insights and thought leadership in the Sustainability and ESG space; and manage Benchmark Gensuite’s internal Sustainability and ESG programs and initiatives.