• Addressing the challenges of managing FSQA across your entire supply chain
  • Proactively identifying and mitigating blind spots in your supply chain
  • Best practices in maintaining customer and regulatory compliance
  • Areas of food safety risk in food distribution, including trucks, facilities, and loading/unloading procedures

Marc Beasley is Vice President Strategic Marketing & Business Development – Food Industry for Sensitech Inc., based in Beverly, Massachusetts. Sensitech was founded in 1990 and today provides technology solutions that manage and improve the supply chains for leading companies around the globe. Since joining Sensitech in 2005, Marc pioneered the use of sensor and logistics data to improve supply chains through data visualization, analytics and process improvement. Prior to Sensitech, Marc worked 10 years in supply chain management consulting, software development, and IT management. Marc received his BS in Industrial Engineering from WPI and an MBA from Babson College.