Update: Canada’s New Safe Food Regulations

  • Discussing why Canada is revising its rules and how the new draft regulations were developed
  • How do these new draft food safety rules align with international standards for preventive control programs and requirements for product traceability/recalls?
  • Sharing information about compliance promotion resources to help businesses prepare and succeed under the new regime

Dr. Richard Arsenault is the executive director of the Domestic Food Safety Systems Directorate at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Dr. Arsenault began his food safety career as a veterinary meat inspector in 1989. He has been an auditor, a manager, and the Director of the meat hygiene program, and was involved in many significant Canadian food safety events over the past 25 years.

Dr. Arsenault leads the CFIA team that is finalizing the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations and its coming-into-force strategy. His team also works on modernizing Canada’s meat inspection and on-farm food safety programs.

Dr. Arsenault has worked throughout his career to improve food safety in Canada and facilitate the international trade of food products under Codex Alimentarius principles. He is currently the representative for North America on the Codex alimentarius Executive Committee and the representative for Canada at the Codex Commission.