Reducing Supply Chain Risk Susceptibility

Refusing to deal with risk, which is an integral part of supply chain competence, is impermissible.

During the 2017 edition of the North American Supply Chain Executive Summit, Executive Platforms was proud to partner with SupplyChainBrain to conduct a number of onsite interviews between our speaker faculty and SupplyChainBrain’s Editor-in-Chief Russell Goodman.

Antonio Galvao is a supply chain executive with over 26 years of experience encompassing planning, logistics, sourcing, engineering, manufacturing, product portfolio management, marketing operations and a proven track record of managerial success in generating multimillion dollar cost savings and double-digit percentage improvements in both customer service levels and productivity. He has lived and worked in Brazil, England, United States, Switzerland and Netherlands leading local, regional and global teams. He has served on the APICS Board since 2016. His specialties include change leadership, restructuring, turnarounds, win-win negotiations, conflict management, mergers and acquisitions, strategic sourcing, logistics, planning and channel management. He has experience working in the Oil and Gas, chemicals, industrial, food service, lodging, health care, retail, building service contracts and facilities management sectors.

Russell W. Goodman has worked in newspapers, newsletters and magazines, with a focus on logistics, business and trade, for nearly 30 years. He also has specialized in editing and writing for publications in world affairs, politics and legal matters. Prior to joining Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies, Goodman directed editorial coverage for two leading international commerce magazines. Goodman was managing editor of the Journal of Defense & Diplomacy, a bimonthly edited in Washington that reported on and interpreted the interplay between security and political issues. From Washington, Goodman, as editor-in-chief of Middle East Insight magazine, directed coverage of business and political affairs in that critical part of the world. He also developed and edited Eastern Europe Law Week, a newsletter that covered legal reform in post-Soviet Europe.