A New Way to Rapidly Develop Biomanufacturing Capacity and Add Greater Value to the Decision to Build

  • Investing capital in capacity expansion when a drug is early in development is challenging. There are new manufacturing models that reduce risk and add value to your decisions through a concept called optionality
  • Balancing options and critically evaluated risk against probability of success in to-build decisions
  • Introducing a new biomanufacturing solution that leverages manufacturing ecosystems to reduce the need to build infrastructure
  • Effectively transfer non-value added work from the manufacturing site to service providers with this new manufacturing model

Daniel Palmacci has nearly 20 years of leadership experience in Biologics in the area of manufacturing, technical development, supply chain, and Operations Management. He is a member of Novartis Biologics Leadership Team and is Technical Operations Head of Austria’s Country Executive Committee. In his previous role he was the Head of Biologics External Supplier Organization that manages all Contract Manufacturers (CMO) for the cross divisional network of Novartis, Sandoz and Alcon. Daniel was also responsible for Technical Development Project Management organization. As a Member of Sandoz Biologics Executive Committee he managed all TechOps activities (end to end) by coordinating internal and external manufacturing and supply chain to ensure supply of commercial Biosimilars. Prior to joining Novartis Daniel worked for BayerHealthCare for several years in positions with progressively senior roles in leading cross-functional teams responsible for Production, Manufacturing Science, Technical development, Operational Excellence, Supply Chain, Quality Assurance and Engineering.